Mobile Mountain Pillows!

Monica, from the PNW adventure blog Just 5 More Minutes, shared this peek into her camper.  I LOVE IT SO MUCH!
And I'm completely jealous this pillow gets to live out my Airstream fantasy!


Spring Green

Last year I happened upon a bolt of amazing mint green wool and it sold out sooooo quickly.  I get weekly requests to make more minty mountain pillows but I haven't been able to restock that perfect shade again.  I recently found a bit of this pale green, and though it isn't quite the same, it makes for a lovely pop of color.  It is available exclusively in our Etsy shop here -https://www.etsy.com/listing/183800960/the-peaks-original-wool-mountain-pillow


Cozy in Brooklyn

Rachel, aka @jaglever, posted these amazing photos of her new pillows looking cozy + right at home in her Brooklyn bedroom.  She is a NY fashion blogger who marries modern style with an adventurous spirit.  I get so excited when artists are organically drawn to my work - such a compliment!
And I must share...the Saturday morning Rachel posted the photo below, my teenage daughter Marley yelled "Moooooooooom!" shortly after waking (at noon) and immediately checking her phone (for any and all important status updates she missed while sleeping).  She could not believe MY pillows were in HER instagram feed.  She has been following Rachel for some time and adores her style.
I will take any and all cool mom points.